Make the Move Kit

Make the Move to First Bank and Trust East Texas in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Open your FBTET account
Visit any of the 16 convenient locations near you to open your account.

Step 2

Change Direct Deposits
If you have direct deposit from your employer, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan, use the Payroll Deposit Authorization form to inform them of the change.

Download: Payroll Deposit Authorization Form

Step 3

Change Automatic Payments
Use the form below titled Automatic Payment Authorization to change any of your automatic withdrawals or automated payment services. You may even provide the form to some of the local utility providers. Do not forget about those that use your debit card or automatic payments made online.

Download: Automatic Payment Authorization Form

Step 4

Stop Using Your Old Account
Let all of your outstanding checks and other transactions clear. This could take up to 10 days or possibly longer in certain situations.

Step 5

Close Your Old Account
When all items have cleared your old account, visit or contact your previous financial institution and close the account. Or you may mail the Account Closure Request form to your former financial institution to close your old account.

Download: Account Closure Request Form