About Us

Diboll State Bank, which was created with deposits of less than $825,000 in 1953, evolved into today's First Bank & Trust East Texas and a network of 16 locations throughout East Texas.

The Diboll bank opened on June 18, 1953 with Arthur Temple, W.D. Newsom, A.F. Perry, H.J. Shands, Sr., George S. Smith, J.F. Burris, and H.W. Spencer as directors.

In 1953, Diboll was a community of 2,500. Southern Pine, the town’s largest employer, made lumber and Temple-White made broom handles. The other two large employers were Temple Associates, a construction firm, and the Texas South-Eastern Railroad.

A justification of the bank charter said the principal industries "have to pay off in cash, which works greatly for the inconvenience of both the companies and the employees."

In 1987, Diboll State Bank and People’s State Bank put their resources together and created First Bank & Trust East Texas.

An East Texas owned bank, First Bank & Trust today has $965 million in assets and the 18th largest trust department in Texas.

The 11 communities that are home to the 16 East Texas locations: Diboll, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Cleveland, Jasper, Hemphill, Pineland, San Augustine, Tyler, Longview, Splendora and Palestine.

The mission of First Bank & Trust is to focus on the needs of our local customers. Our employees answer the phones, and we work hard every day to take care of our customers with that personal touch they expect and deserve.

All of our bankers live in the communities they serve, and they know their customers well.


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